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  1. NXP Drives The 5G Revolution With Its Industry-Leading Portfolio Of RF Infrastructure Solutions

    NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) today unveiled one of the industry’s most integrated portfolio of  RF solutions for 5G cellular infrastructure, industrial and commercial markets.

  2. MACOM Announces New Wideband Amplifier Covering 100 kHz Up To 50 GHz For 5G Test And Measurement Applications

    MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”), a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, recently announced a new wideband distributed amplifier with the introduction of the MAAM-011238, offered in both bare-DIE and Surface Mount packaged formats.

  3. Analog Devices’ New Multi-Channel, Mixed-Signal RF Converter Platform

    Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) recently introduced a mixed-signal front-end (MxFE) RF data converter platform that combines high-performance analog and digital signal processing for a range of wireless equipment such as 4G LTE and 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) radios.

  4. A More Accurate, Low-Cost 39 GHz Beamforming Transceiver For 5G Communications

    Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology and NEC Corporation, Japan, present a 39 GHz transceiver with built-in calibration for fifth-generation (5G) applications. The advantages to be gained include better quality communications as well as cost-effective scalability.

  5. Qorvo Breaks Power Barrier With 10W Ka-Band GaN Amplifier

    Qorvo, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, today unveiled a MMIC power amplifier that delivers more than 10 watts of saturated power over the 32-38GHz band. The advanced reliability and efficiency of the product – the highest-performing MMIC on the market – enable customers to achieve performance objectives in critical defense applications while reducing costs.

  6. MTI Wireless Edge LTD. Announces A New Dual Band/Dual Slant 3.5/5.8 GHz Base Station Antenna

    MTI Wireless Edge is pleased to report the commercial availability of a new dual band 3.5/5.8 GHz Base Station antenna. The antenna enables customers with licenses in 3.5 GHz to increase their capacity, coverage and installed base by utilizing the license free 5.8 GHz band.

  7. Qorvo Adds New GaN Power Amplifiers For Mission-Critical Applications

    Qorvo, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, recently launched two new gallium nitride (GaN) power amplifier (PA) families for domestic and international Ka-band satcom and X-band phased array radar applications. The solutions, which deliver best-in-class power, linearity and efficiency in a smaller footprint, enable higher system performance while reducing costs.

  8. Keysight’s Modulation Distortion Analysis Test Solution Enables Qorvo To Fully Characterize 5G mmWave Front End Modules In Production Test

    Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced that the company’s new Modulation Distortion Analysis test suite has enabled Qorvo to fully characterize 5G mmWave front end module (FEM) performance in production test.

  9. Anokiwave 3GPP N258 (24.25 - 27.5 GHz) IC Family

    As the commercial launch of 5G services rapidly approaches and with the U.S. FCC Auction 102 (24 GHz Band) just completing – raising over $2B, Anokiwave is showcasing its portfolio of 24/26 GHz ICs for 5G applications at IMS2019 in Boston, MA, USA.

  10. MediaTek Unveils Groundbreaking New 5G SoC For First Wave Of 5G Flagship Devices

    Today at COMPUTEX, MediaTek revealed its full 5G readiness with the introduction of its groundbreaking 5G chipset, a multi-mode, 7nm 5G system-on-chip (SoC) designed to power the first wave of high-end 5G smartphones.