Single Layer Capacitors For DC Blocking Or RF Bypass Applications Single Layer Capacitors For DC Blocking Or RF Bypass Applications

Dielectric Laboratories (DLI) offers a series of single layer capacitors designed with Class II dielectric materials and X7R temperature stability characteristics for a variety of DC blocking or RF bypass applications. With operation capabilities over a broad frequency range, these high frequency, wire bondable capacitors are ideal for GaN, GaAs, filtering, tuning, and coupling applications where small size and microwave performance is vital for a circuit’s performance.


  • Meeting Biasing Requirements Of Externally Biased RF/Microwave Amplifiers

    Radio frequency (RF) and microwave amplifiers provide their best performance under specific bias conditions. The quiescent current established by the bias point affects critical performance metrics such as linearity and efficiency. While some amplifiers are self biased, many devices require external biasing using multiple supplies that must be sequenced properly for safe operation.

  • EIA MLCC Case Sizes: Past And Future

    Standards are a form of technical infrastructure, and their influence is felt throughout the electronics industry. For example, formed in 1924, the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) was an American standards organization that established an alliance of trade associations in the United States electronics manufacturing industry.

  • Optimizing Clock Synthesis In Small Cells And Heterogeneous Networks

    Mobile network operators are increasingly turning to small cell base stations to expand coverage, increase capacity, and enable network densification in congested, high-traffic urban environments. Small cells are low-power radio access nodes that can be used by operators to offload mobile data to Internet Protocol (IP) networks and enable more efficient use of radio spectrum in 4G/LTE applications.

  • Programmatic Control On Tektronix USB Real Time Spectrum Analyzers

    Using the latest in commercial interfaces and available computing power, the Tektronix RSA 300/500/600 USB real time spectrum analyzers separate signal acquisition from measurement, dramatically lowering the cost of instrument hardware. The series is also well suited for applications that need automatic measurements or remote control.

  • Managing High-Temperature Electronics Environments Down To The Component Level

    As complex electronic systems become more prevalent in our daily lives, the demand for high-temperature, high-reliability components continues to increase. To meet the brief, material and design of these high-temperature components must deviate from today’s standard.


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