High-End Signal and Spectrum Analyzer: R&S FSW85 High-End Signal and Spectrum Analyzer: R&S FSW85

The R&S FSW85 is the latest addition to Rohde & Schwarz’ family of signal and spectrum analyzers. It is the only device on the market designed to cover the frequency range from 2 Hz to 85 GHz in a single sweep, allowing users to test baseband and RF with a single analyzer. Test setups are now much simpler, since the R&S FSW85 does not require harmonic mixers. An internal preselection feature suppresses the image frequency and other spurious emissions that commonly occur during harmonic mixing.


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Dielectric Laboratories is a global supplier of microwave and millimeter wave components for optical and wireless communications, military, medical, semiconductor, aerospace, and transportation markets. We are a manufacturer of High-Q Multi-Layer capacitors (MLC) and Single-Layer capacitors (SLC), Resonators, Filters, Broadband DC blocks, Thin Film components, and Custom ceramic components. In 2004, DLI acquired Voltronics Corporation, a world leader in precision variable capacitors.

Remcom was formed in 1994 to develop and market software which would give our customers the capability to apply the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method to their particular applications...