Latest Headlines

  1. Guerrilla RF’s Automotive-Qualified Ultra-LNA For SDARS, Compensator And GPS Applications

    Guerrilla RF Inc., a leading provider of high performance MMICs, recently introduces GRF2073-W, a new addition to the company’s growing list of AEC-Q100 automotive-qualified amplifiers.

  2. Keysight Technologies, Qualcomm Demonstrate Industrial IoT Application Using 5G Technology

    Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers, and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced that at CES 2019, the company’s 5G network emulation solution was used to showcase an industrial internet of things (IIoT) application from NAVER LABS with Qualcomm 5G technology.

  3. Ericsson And Intel Jointly Develop Next-Generation Software Defined Infrastructure For The 5G Era

    Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Intel Corporation have begun a multi-year collaboration to align ongoing development efforts in software-defined infrastructure (SDI) and Intel® Rack Scale Design.

  4. Keysight Technologies To Showcase Test Solutions That Accelerate 5G, IoT Device And Network Innovation At Mobile World Congress 2019

    Keysight Technologies, Inc. What: In addition to unveiling new test and measurement products supporting the latest industry applications, Keysight will be offering demonstrations of its end-to-end design and test solutions for the 5G-enabled communications ecosystem, spanning network operators, mobile device manufacturers, automotive technologies, and IoT.

  5. 5G Americas Publishes Report On Spectrum Inventory Opportunities For 5G

    5G technical standardization and successful trials have led to the first global commercial 5G deployments. The number of commercial launches and broader deployments of 5G are expected to increase over the next few years, particularly in North America and key markets across Asia-Pacific and Europe.

  6. Filtronic Ships 25k E-Band Transceiver Modules Targeting 5G Backhaul

    Filtronic plc, the designer and manufacturer of antennas, filters and mmWave products for the wireless telecoms and critical communications markets, recently announced that a significant milestone has been reached with the shipment of a total of 25,000 high-performance E-band transceiver modules since the company first entered this growing market.

  7. Link Microtek Develops Space-Qualified Ka-Band Microwave Rotary Joint For New Surrey Satellite Antenna Pointing Mechanism

    Link Microtek, the manufacturer of microwave and RF subsystems and components, has designed and produced a spaceflight-qualified microwave rotary joint and associated waveguide components as part of a Ka-band antenna pointing mechanism (APM) being developed by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, which is an independent company within Airbus.

  8. 5G To Build Sky-Scraping Growth In 2019

    While LTE investments dwindle, 5G deployment is about to ramp up---big time. According to Mobile Experts' latest report, China Mobile is expected to deploy at least 500,000 sites (1.5M RUs or higher) within the next two years. This international burst coupled with a shift in radio configuration for massive MIMO will permanently alter the face of the market.

  9. Kyoto University, Teaming With 2 Japanese Companies, Acquires World-First Certification For Wireless Communication Specification Wi-SUN FAN

    Wireless devices equipped with the new international wireless communication specification Wi-SUN FAN (Field Area Network) for the Internet of Things developed jointly by the research group of Professor Hiroshi Harada of the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University (hereinafter Kyoto University), Nissin Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Nissin Systems), and ROHM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter ROHM) became one of the world's first solutions to achieve Wi-SUN FAN certification.

  10. Fixed Frequency Synthesizer: SFS9280C-LF Extremely Low Noise X-Band PLO

    Z-Communications, Inc. announces a new RoHS compliant fixed frequency phase locked loop model SFS9280C-LF operating in the X-band.