Newsletter | February 9, 2023

02.09.23 -- Fairview Microwave Releases New Waveguide Horn Antennas

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Wi-Fi 7 & Matter Ratification: What You Need To Know

Matter is a universal software layer, a foundation for connected things and their application, will act as the universal IoT standard compatible with various protocols deployed in our homes today. With Matter, all ecosystem manufacturers can make it easier for product developers to innovate because the interoperability function is taken care of.

SKY65124: WCMDA PA Bias Method For Lower Junction Temperature

This application note describes how SKY65124 may be used with reduced bias control to obtain better thermal performance.

Why Are Boonton Test Solutions The Performance Leaders In RF And Microwave Power Measurement?

In this post, learn essential power measurement terminology, leading peak power and average power sensor capabilities, and how state-of-the-art solutions from Boonton can solve test challenges.

Simplify Capacitor Dielectric Selection By Understanding Dielectric Coding Methods

When designing a ceramic capacitor, the type of dielectric used will influence the characteristics of the capacitor and define its electrical behavior. Explore classification systems used by IEC and ECIA standards to easily identify the temperature coefficients and operating temperatures for both dielectric classes I and II. 

AC-DC Converter Testing Fundamentals

AC-DC conversion stage in front of any electronic equipment is needed. For this purpose, different solutions exist to convert the higher AC voltage to a lower and safe DC voltage.

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Video: AR Test Systems Your Way

AR offers test systems that are designed to meet the requirements of today’s common EMC test standards, including IEC, MIL-STD 461 and 464, DO-160, Wireless, Automotive, HIRF, and HERO. Test systems by AR can deliver a solution that integrates all your testing needs, including radiated and conducted immunity, radiated and conducted emissions, and more.

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Communications & Power Industries Receivers

Communications & Power Industries BMD has extensive expertise in manufacturing custom receiver assemblies for major radar, EW, and communications system OEMs from around the world. 

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100 Watt CW 100 kHz - 1000 MHz Solid-State Amplifier: 100U1000

AR offers the Model 100U1000 self-contained, air-cooled, broadband, solid-state amplifier ideal for applications where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain and linearity are required. When used with an RF sweep generator, this amplifier will nominally provide over 100 watts of power. The device is also protected from RF input overdrive by an RF input leveling circuit which controls the RF input level to the RF amplifier first stage when the RF input level is increased above 0 dBm.

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50 Ohm SMA Male Termination: 50T-455 SMA

Model 50T-455 SMA M is a 50 Ohm termination (aka dummy load) that operates DC-18 GHz.  It has an SMA male RF connector and is rated for 1 Watt RF input power.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Tunable Band-Pass Filter: ADMV8440

The ADMV8440CHIPS is a monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), tunable band-pass filter that features a user‑selectable pass-band frequency of operation.

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Analog Devices
MMIC Power Amplifier

Packaged in a 5×5 mm plastic overmold QFN, the CMPA0560008S provides performance and robustness in a small form factor that allows customers to improve SWaP-C benchmarks in their next-gen systems.

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Wolfspeed, A Cree Company