Tunable Band-Pass Filter: ADMV8440

Source: Analog Devices
Analog Devices - Tunable Band-Pass Filter: ADMV8440

The ADMV8440CHIPS is a monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), tunable band-pass filter that features a user‑selectable pass-band frequency of operation.

The center frequency (fCENTER) typically varies between 19 GHz and 38 GHz by applying a center frequency control voltage (VFCTL) between 0 V and 15 V. Additionally, the usable pass-band frequencies (fL3dB and fU3dB) are specified from 20 GHz to 40 GHz.

The wideband rejection at half of the fCENTER is typically 40 dB, which is ideally suitable for improving system level harmonic performance. This tunable filter is a smaller alternative to switched filter banks and cavity tuned filters. The ADMV8440CHIPS has minimal microphonics due to the monolithic design and provides a dynamically adjustable solution in advanced communications applications.