MMIC Power Amplifier: CMPA0560008S

Screenshot 2022-09-23 142323

Packaged in a 5×5 mm plastic overmold QFN, the CMPA0560008S provides performance and robustness in a small form factor that allows customers to improve SWaP-C benchmarks in their next-gen systems.

Wolfspeed’s CMPA0560008S is a 10W packaged MMIC HPA utilizing Wolfspeed’s high performance, 0.15um GaN on SiC production process. The CMPA0560008S operates from 0.45-6 GHz and supports a variety of RF applications such as electronic warfare, test and measurement, radar among others. The CMPA0560008S achieves 10 W of saturated output power with 12 dB of large signal gain and typically 40% power-added efficiency under CW operation.