Product Showcase

  1. 30 – 3000 MHz 8-Port Transceiver Test System: 50PMA-044

    JFW’s Model 50PMA-044 is an 8-port transceiver designed to operate from 30 MHz to 3 GHz in a 19” rack mount enclosure. These systems can be used to simulate static or dynamic environments for testing radio to radio communication.

  2. 0.1 – 18 GHz Solid-State Programmable Attenuator: 50P-2101

    JFW’s Model 50P-2101 is a 50 OHM solid-state programmable attenuator with attenuation range 0 to 63.5 dB by 0.5 dB steps. The unit operates bi-directionally with the input rated for +24 dBm and the output rated for +15 dBm.

  3. 0.1 - 18 GHz Attenuator Assembly: 50BA-043-63

    JFW’s Model 50BA-043-63 is a 50 Ohm benchtop attenuator assembly containing two solid-state step attenuators. These attenuators feature attenuation range of 0 to 127 dB by 1 dB steps and operate within the 100 MHz to 18 GHz frequency range.

  4. 45 – 1218 MHz CATV Push Pull Amplifier: QPA8801

    The QPA8801 is an ultra-linear, QFN GaAs amplifier MMIC intended for output stage amplification in CATV infrastructure applications. The device features a push-pull cascade design which provides flat gain along with ultralow distortion, making it ideal for use in CATV distribution systems requiring high output power capability.

  5. 1 - 6 GHz High Linearity Gain Block Amplifiers: QPA9126 And QPA9127

    Qorvo’s QPA9126 is a high linearity gain block amplifier providing very flat gain across a broad range of frequencies with the integration of a shut-down biasing capability to allow for operation for TDD applications. At 3.5 GHz, the QPA9126 amplifier provides 16 dB gain, +35.5 dBm OIP3 and 1.4 dB noise figure while drawing 70 mA current from a 5V supply. The QPA9127 amplifier provides 20 dB gain, +35.5 dBm OIP3 and 1.4 dB noise figure while drawing 70 mA current from a 5V supply at 3.5 GHz.

  6. DC – 3 GHz Fixed Attenuator: 50FHAO-XXX-100

    JFW offers the 50FHAO-XXX-100 100 Watt fixed attenuator designed to operate in the DC to 3 GHz frequency range for military and commercial applications.

  7. Solid State Programmable Attenuator System: 50PA-506

    JFW offers the 50PA-506 Solid State Programmable Attenuator System that operates from 200 MHz to 6 GHz. It has eight individually controlled attenuation channels that each provide a total attenuation range of 63 dB with 1 dB steps. Each attenuation channel has an insertion loss of less than 6.6 dB and can handle up to 33 dBm of input power.

  8. GPS Front-End Modules For Mobile Applications

    Skyworks introduces new shielded GPS low-noise amplifier front-end modules (FEMs), the SKY65725-11 and SKY65728-11, designed for use in mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets. Both devices feature high linearity, excellent gain, and superior noise figure to enable design flexibility and high levels of integration. Pre-filters provide the low in-band insertion loss and excellent rejections of the cellular, PCS, and WLAN frequency bands.

  9. 5 – 2150 MHz Solid State Programmable Attenuator: 75P-223

    JFW offers the 75P-223 solid state programmable attenuator for applications operating over the 5 to 2150 MHz range with 0 to 63.75 dB attenuation by 0.25 dB steps.

  10. 0.1-18 GHz Rack Mount 50 Ohm Attenuator Assembly: 50PA-1144-XX

    JFW offers the 50PA-1144-XX 19-inch rack mount attenuator assembly comprising 50 Ohm sold-state step attenuators with an attenuation range of 0 to 62dB by 1dB steps and operation from 100 MHz to 18 GHz.