High-End Signal and Spectrum Analyzer: R&S FSW85

High-End Signal and Spectrum Analyzer: R&S FSW85

The R&S FSW85 is the latest addition to Rohde & Schwarz’ family of signal and spectrum analyzers. It is the only device on the market designed to cover the frequency range from 2 Hz to 85 GHz in a single sweep, allowing users to test baseband and RF with a single analyzer. Test setups are now much simpler, since the R&S FSW85 does not require harmonic mixers. An internal preselection feature suppresses the image frequency and other spurious emissions that commonly occur during harmonic mixing.

The R&S FSW85 has the option of an internal analysis bandwidth of 500 MHz, and may achieve an analysis bandwidth of 3 GHz when combined with the R&S FSW-B2000 option and an R&S RTO oscilloscope. This gives developers a variety of analysis options to analyze broadband signals for 5G next-generation mobile communications signals or complex pulse parameters and chirp signals for radar systems. The R&S FSW85 is ideal for demanding research and development applications, and simplifies complex measurement tasks in fields such as automotive radar, 5G, and aerospace and defense.

For more information on R&S FSW85 specifications, ordering information, and other product options, download the datasheet.

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