Featured Articles

  1. Demystifying Polling Control In Zigbee Networks

    Understanding the polling features in the Zigbee standard can help to optimize the power consumption of IoT products. Take a closer look at Zigbee’s polling mechanism and an example using a fire alarm sensor application.

  2. Overcoming The RF Challenges Of Full-Screen Smartphones

    The future generations of smartphones aim to design and build next-generation handsets that deliver a compelling user experience. These next-generation devices must be able to have both an attractive form factor and the ability to deliver high performance connectivity. 

  3. Qorvo Carrier Aggregation

    Enabling CA requires simultaneous communication on multiple CCs. In some cases the RF front end must support multiple transmit and/or receive paths between the antenna(s) and transceiver. Isolation of these paths requires multiplexed RF filters or physically separated antennas. 

  4. Advanced Filter Solutions

    The average number of frequency bands in mobile devices has more than doubled in the last few years. Qorvo is leveraging its filter technologies, such as NoDrift and LowDrift BAW and SAW, to create filters, duplexers, and multiplexers to tackle the challenges of 4G and 5G mobile devices.

  5. Qorvo RF Fusion Solutions

    Qorvo’s RF solutions enable each year’s most advanced mobile devices. The RF Fusion LTE portfolio contains multiple high-performance modules that deliver global CA band coverage in the industry’s smallest form factors. Let Qorvo help you deliver the world’s best flagship phone.

  6. 5G Or .11ax?

    Why are names such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE more well-known than 5G or Zigbee when they all play a huge role in our daily lives? This paper offers a different perspective on the “battle” between these types of technology, and how to leverage each to exploit the most advantages.

  7. Handset Designs For Regional Cellular Markets: RF Flex™ Brochure

    Qorvo offers 4G LTE handset solutions designed for regionally focused mid- and entry-tier devices. These cellular solutions offer the performance and size that OEMs require while remaining flexible and scalable for the broad world market. 

  8. Automotive Quality Standards 101: What Does Qualification Really Get You?

    Today’s automotive sector has overtaken the computers and communications as the fastest-growing market for electronic systems. As car technologies advance towards sophisticated driver-assistance systems and self-driving cars, several design factors have become even more critical.

  9. Qorvo RF iFEM Mobile Wi-Fi Solutions

    Qorvo offers RF iFEMs as complete mobile Wi-Fi solutions for LTE/Wi-Fi coexistence, Wi-Fi calling, poor signal to noise ratio applications, and other interoperability issues. These iFEM solutions combine power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, switches, and coexistence filters into a single package to help assist in new Power Class 2 and filtering challenges. Features for these instruments include high frequency performance from 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, less RF board area, minimal tuning/matching, and high reliability.

  10. Qorvo Communications SOI Switch/Attenuator Solutions

    Qorvo offers a family of broadband SOI (silicon-on-insulator) based switches, DSAs (digital step attenuators), TCAs (temperature compensating attenuators), and PACs (programmable array capacitors) are built to enable the integration of RF, analog, and mixed signal functionality into single monolithic devices with excellent ESD rating, high isolation, low insertion loss, and stable performance across PVT conditions. These devices are ideal for smartphones, cellular infrastructure, broadband communication, industrial, automotive, defense communication, and test and measurement markets.