Featured Articles

  1. Qorvo Communications SOI Switch/Attenuator Solutions

    Qorvo offers a family of broadband SOI (silicon-on-insulator) based switches, DSAs (digital step attenuators), TCAs (temperature compensating attenuators), and PACs (programmable array capacitors) are built to enable the integration of RF, analog, and mixed signal functionality into single monolithic devices with excellent ESD rating, high isolation, low insertion loss, and stable performance across PVT conditions. These devices are ideal for smartphones, cellular infrastructure, broadband communication, industrial, automotive, defense communication, and test and measurement markets.

  2. Qorvo IoT Solutions

    Smart home devices require an ultra-low-power network that utilizes IEEE 802.15.4 wireless technology. Qorvo offers chipset solutions designed to easily connect devices to a central home gateway with a safe, reliable, and maintenance-free network. 

  3. Broadband DOCSIS 3.1 Solutions

    Qorvo's next-generation DOCSIS 3.1 products for cable networking applications include the 1.2 GHz power amplifiers as both hybrids and multi-chip modules (MCMs) that use the GaN HEMT process technology, and offer optimal linearity and output power while providing robust reliability. 

  4. Qorvo Customer Premise Equipment Solutions

    Qorvo’s portfolio of products are designed for Wi-Fi applications including customer premises equipment (CPE), enterprise systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT). These solutions focus on reducing power consumption and interference solutions while maintaining high throughput and coverage. The products can enable up to 802.11 ac Wave 2 features, such as 1024 QAM modulation schemes and 160 MHz bandwidth channels. Products also perform well against the requirements for 802.11 ax systems.

  5. Qorvo – The Path To 5G

    Qorvo is powering numerous 5G network field trials and now offers the world's first 5G mobile front end. The company is helping shape the global 5G standard as a platform for a new era of connectivity. They deliver core RF technologies and innovative products that will enable 5G end to end, from wireless infrastructure to mobile devices. Partnering with customers, carriers and standards bodies, Qorvo will bring the 5G vision to life.

  6. The Easy Way To A 1 Gbps RF Front-End On Smartphones

    This article highlights the need for higher order modulation, carrier aggregation, and 4x4 MIMO technologies in the journey to faster download speeds, and how to add 1 Gbps front-end modules to smartphones.

  7. Optical Solutions

    Qorvo offers innovative optical fiber network limiting and linear modulator drivers and TIAs enabling local access, data center interconnect, regional, metro and long-haul optical networks with cost effective transmit, and receive solutions for 100/400 Gb/s and beyond. 

  8. Coexistence And Bandedge: Wi-Fi Filter Solutions

    As LTE deployments accelerate worldwide, Qorvo designs LowDrift filters specifically for solving LTE coexistence issues. For example, the 2400-2482MHz spectrum used by Wi-Fi lies between bands 40 and 41, which are used to deliver TDD-LTE service in China. 

  9. 802.11ax: 5 Things To Know

    The current Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, works very well in a home environment. However, as with previous Wi-Fi standards, it may reach its limits around 2022 when there could be up to 50 nodes in a home. The 802.11ax network is the next evolution in the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi standard and will become prevalent in very dense environments, such as urban apartment complexes, college campuses, concert venues, or sports stadiums, where many clients will access the internet over Wi-Fi. This article presents five key aspects of the new 802.11ax network and the next generation of Wi-Fi.

  10. GaN Solutions Brochure

    Qorvo has offered a broad range of innovative gallium nitride (GaN) products and technologies over the past 15 years. Their high-performance GaN technology supports products operating from the DC through Ka-band.