Feature Articles

  1. Understanding RF Signal-Combining Technologies

    This article explores options for combining or separating signals and is intended to help engineers determine which component -- or combination of components -- is most advantageous, given the application.

  2. The Week in 5G: 10/29/2019 — Forecasters Vs. 5G in Egypt, Volkswagen touts V2X Golf, ZTE and Huawei Bouncing Back

    Plus, 5G makes its mark in in-flight connectivity and maritime shipping, T-Mobile continues on an upward trajectory, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G. 

  3. Ceramic Feedthrough Filters: Winning The Finite EMI Fight

    EMI is a serious concern for devices that are externally powered or require signal wires that extend outside the device. The wires that connect to power sources, or I/O points, can act as antennas that will allow EMI to be received and enter the device, causing it to perform improperly. 

  4. To Block Or Not To Block?

    RF switch matrices eliminate the need to manually move connections by routing signals, via user control, from their input ports to their output ports, providing convenience and speed. The first step is to select the type of switch matrix: blocking, non-blocking, or super non-blocking.

  5. The Week in 5G: 10/22/2019 — U.S. 5G Policy Earns Kudos, Hong Kong Auctions Spectrum, Verizon Pumps Brakes on 5G Pixel 4

    Plus, Nvidia and Ericsson plan a GPU-powered 5G mobile network, Huawei explores licensing its 5G network tech to U.S. companies, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G. 

  6. Factors Affecting Temperature Rise In MLC Capacitors

    When selecting a capacitor to operate at high temperatures, it is useful to understand how its operating conditions can affect its working temperature. This application note explores the factors that affect the working temperature of an MLC capacitor.

  7. Flexibility Of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

    Mechanical cracking resistance can be increased by two methods; by reducing the mechanical stress being exerted on the capacitors by PCB design/assembly processes, and by increasing the mechanical strength of the component. 

  8. The Week in 5G: 10/15/2019 — EU Report Warns of 5G Security Risks, 5G “Hackathon” Slated for November

    Plus, Huawei is embraced in Switzerland and welcomed in Germany, Google and Nokia preview new phones, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G.

  9. The Week in 5G: 10/1/2019 — Norway’s First 5G Video Call, OPPO and Keysight Establish 5G Test Lab

    Plus, Japan's KDDI partners with Ericsson and Nokia, KT and Hyundai apply 5G to construction sites, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G!

  10. The Wi-Fi Evolution

    Since Wi-Fi was first released, its standards have continually evolved — typically resulting in faster speeds and network/spectrum efficiency. This paper discusses the basics of Wi-Fi standards and the evolution of Wi-Fi technologies.