Newsletter | November 10, 2022

11.10.22 -- Rohde & Schwarz Starts Delivery Of Innovative Air-Liftable ATC Radio System For Skyguide

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Z Power Resistors: High Power And High Frequency Without Compromise

The need for resistors with both high-frequency and high-power handling capabilities is growing, yet designers are making compromises. Z Power resistors are a solution offering the best of both worlds.   

Dual-Use Legislation And MLCCs

This application note explores the details of dual-use trade controls, how to determine if your MLCCs could fall under this regulation, and what you need to do to stay in compliance.

Smart Home Communications Controller: QPG6100 Datasheet

The QPG6100 is a multi-standard Smart Home Communications Controller for ultra-low power wireless communication for Connected lighting applications, switches and other Smart home end nodes, featuring Qorvo’s ConcurrentConnect™ technology; enabling Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth® Low Energy to operate simultaneously in a single chip design.

Understanding EVM

Error vector magnitude (EVM), is the most common numerical measure of modulation quality and is calculated by determining the magnitude of a vector connecting the ideal and received vector endpoints.

Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, And Capacitors: Bonding Methods And Packaging

Learn how to handle, attach, and care for Skyworks' diode chips, beam-lead diodes, and capacitors with this application note. These directions will enable you to package and unpack chips, including suggestions of equipment needed for best practice usage. 

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Webinar: WaveFarer Radar Analysis With Diffuse Scattering And Backscatter Through Walls

Learn about WaveFarer's new features for automotive and indoor radar applications, including diffuse scattering from rough surfaces such as roads and the ability to transmit through walls, windows, and more. Remcom demonstrates these and other new capabilities using a sample drive scenario as well as an indoor mmWave sensor scenario.

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Application Video: Why AVL Trusts R&S For Automotive Radar Vehicle-In-The-Loop ADAS Testing

Find out why one of the world's leading technology companies for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry trusts the R&S radar test system for Vehicle-in-the-Loop ADAS testing.

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ATP10K100M - 10 kHz To 100 MHz, 3000 Watt Input Power, Broadband Transmission Line

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation’s Model ATP10K100M is a broadband, high power RF Field Generator. The unit is capable of generating intense fields in a large volume over a wide frequency range.

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Die On Carrier, Silicon Digital Attenuator: ADRF5474

The ADRF5474 is a 4-bit digital attenuator with 22 dB attenuation control range in 2 dB steps manufactured in a silicon process attached on a gallium arsenide (GaAs) carrier substrate. The substrate incorporates the bond pads for chip and wire assembly, and the bottom of the device is metalized and connected to ground.

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Analog Devices
4-Port Transceiver Test System 2-6 GHz: 50PMA-106

JFW’s Model 50PMA-106 is a four-port transceiver test system operating from 2,000-6,000 MHz in a 19-inch rack mount enclosure. It has a mesh configuration with full fan-out. With this type of construction, there is a path between every pair of ports.

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