Mobile Products

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Mobile Products

Qorvo® Enables Mobile Connectivity

Mobile devices drive our connected world. Qorvo's RF solutions allow your next-generation mobile devices to deliver the experience that consumers expect.

The demand for reliable mobile broadband requires the continual evolution of RF technology. Leveraging our expertise in core RF solutions, Qorvo is at the forefront of Solving RF Complexity™.


As consumer demand for live streaming and mobile video increases, Qorvo's core RF solutions equip mobile
devices with the capability to meet the growing need for data.

For the next set of mobile standards, Qorvo works with global operators and industry organizations,
 like 3GPP, to develop compliant RF solutions. We rely on systems expertise and years of experience to offer a comprehensive portfolio of RF solutions.

Demand for thinner phones with multiple antennas
requires constantly
evolving RF solutions. We optimize solutions to meet your handset design needs and maximize RF performance.


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Learn more about carrier aggregation and how Qorvo enables video and data streaming. Watch Video








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