2-22 GHz Highly Robust GaN LNA: TGA2227-SM

Source: Qorvo
2-22 GHz Highly Robust GaN LNA: TGA2227-SM

The TGA2227-SM is a highly robust GaN Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) covering the 2-22 GHz frequency range, and delivers >15 dB small signal gain and >+22 dBm P1dB while supporting 2 dB mid-band Noise Figure. This LNA offers a high overall electrical performance, and a high level of input power robustness for more design flexibility in the receive chain circuit protection.

The TGA2227-SM is constructed on the TriQuint 0.15 µm GaN on SiC process, and is available in a low cost, compact 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm x 1.7 mm package. The TGA2227–SM is an ideal choice for radar and EW applications as well as high power communication systems and test and measurement across commercial and military markets.

More Features Include:

  • Can handle up to 10W incident power levels
  • Midband NF: 2.0dB
  • Gain: >15dB

Click here for more information on the TGA2227-SM, or download the datasheet.