High Power GaN SP3T Switch: QPC1006

Source: Qorvo
Qorvo - QPC1006

Qorvo’s QPC1006 is a Single-Pole, Triple–Throw (SP3T) switch fabricated on Qorvo’s QGaN25 0.25um GaN on SiC production process.

Operating from 0.15 to 2.8 GHz, the QPC1006 typically supports 50 W input power handling at control voltages of 0/−40 V for both CW and pulsed RF operations. This switch maintains low insertion loss less than 1.0 dB and greater than 30 dB isolation, making it ideal for high power switching applications across both defense and commercial platforms.

QPC1006 is offered in a 4 x 4 mm plastic overmolded QFN package.