Newsletter | April 11, 2024

04.11.24 -- Gogo Testing For Global Broadband Antenna Achieves Major Milestone


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Examining Trends In Power Electronics

Navigating the dynamic landscape of power electronics requires a keen eye on evolving trends. Explore four key developments shaping the industry and innovative solutions that help you stay ahead.

Pioneering A New Era Of Efficient And Sustainable Broadcast Distribution

In an era demanding sustainability and cost-effectiveness, the TE1 transmitter pioneers a 40 percent reduction in power consumption, shaping a greener broadcasting landscape.

dBm To Watts Power Conversion Table

The Exodus Available Power Conversion Chart facilitates rapid dBm to Watts conversion, assisting users in testing low, medium, or high-power amplifiers efficiently.


Gogo Testing For Global Broadband Antenna Achieves Major Milestone

Pasternack's New Trihedral Corner Reflectors Enhance Radar & Antenna Testing Accuracy

Ansys Forms OEM Partnership With SynMatrix To Accelerate RF Filter Design

Rohde & Schwarz Show Measurements On New Bluetooth Channel Sounding Signals

Quectel Unveils Series Of New High-Performing 5G, GNSS And 5-In-1 Combo antennas

Semtech Pioneers The Path To 6G With Advanced 5G Wireless Technologies

Murata’s Multi-Band LoRa Radio Module Simplifies Wireless Design & Supply-Chain Mgmt

The Antenna Company Announces Support For Qualcomm’s FWA Ultra Gen-3 Platform

Anritsu Expands Module Lineup Of Simulating MIMO Connections

u-blox Incorporates Newest Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth Chips In 2 New Compact Modules

Open6G OTIC At Northeastern Univ To Perform O-RAN 5G IoT & End-To-End Demo Of AmpliTech's O-RAN CAT B 64T64R MIMO Radio

Tungsten510 SMARC SOM From Ezurio Combines Superior Edge Processing With Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity


Tune A Tunable Matched Antenna Using XFdtd’s Schematic Editor

 In this tutorial, we demonstrate the ease of adjusting, or tuning, multiple operating modes so that capacitance values match various frequency bands. Using XF’s schematic editor with tuning slider bars, the correct values can be found in moments.


What Is The Crest Factor Formula?

Learn the crest factor formula for RF & microwave in this video, including its unitless calculation and conversion to decibels.

Power Up Your Design: Multi-Time Programmable PMIC Solutions

Explore integrated PMIC solutions offering configurable power management for various applications like AI processors, IoT, wearables, with features such as high efficiency and real-time configurability.