Video | August 10, 2023

Tune A Tunable Matched Antenna Using XFdtd's Schematic Editor

Source: Remcom

Aperture and impedance tuners support multiple states using switchable properties and capacitor banks. XFdtd’s schematic editor makes it easy to tune an antenna with fixed-value (e.g., inductors and capacitors) and multi-state components (e.g., tunable capacitors and switches).

In this tutorial, we demonstrate the ease of adjusting, or tuning, multiple operating modes so that capacitance values match various frequency bands. Using XF’s schematic editor with tuning slider bars, the correct values can be found in moments.

Visit our support site to explore the full tutorial and learn more about XF’s tuning capabilities, including:

  • Adjust capacitance values via slider bars in the analysis workbench and find a match for each frequency band
  • Create operating modes for each band
  • View results for multiple operating modes simultaneously
  • Commit final component values to the schematic
  • …and more