GaN Switches

Source: Qorvo
GaN Switches

Qorvo offers a series of four single-pole, double throw (SPDT) reflective GaN switches with operating frequency ranges between 0.5 and 18 GHz. These devices maintain low insertion loss and high isolation, making them ideal for low and high power switching applications.

Each GaN switch is available in a compact air-cavity QFN package comprised of an aluminum-nitride base with a LCP epoxy-sealed lid. The small package plus the minimal DC power consumption allows for easy system integration. Typical field applications include commercial and military radar, communications, electronic warfare, test instrumentation, and other general purpose high power switching. All switches are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

For more features, specifications, and block diagrams for each model, download the available datasheets by clicking on the part numbers below.

Part Number Description Frequency (GHz) IL (dB) Package
TGS2352-2 High Power GaN SPDT Switch 0.5-12 <1 Die
TGS2352-2-SM High Power GaN SPDT Switch 0.5-12 <1 QFN
TGS2353-2 High Power GaN SPDT Switch 0.5-18 1.5 Die
TGS2353-2-SM High Power GaN SPDT Switch 0.5-18 <1.5 QNF
TGS2354 40 W SPDT Switch 0.5-6 <0.8 Die
TGS2354-SM 40 W SPDT Switch 0.5-6 <0.7 QFN
TGS2355 20 W SPDT Switch 0.5-6 1.3 Die
TGS2355-SM 20 W SPDT Switch 0.5-6 <0.5 QFN


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