GaN RF Transistor: QPD1016

Source: Qorvo
Qorvo - QPD1016

The Qorvo QPD1016 is a 500 W (P3dB) pre-matched discrete GaN on SiC HEMT which operates from DC to 1.7 GHz and 50 V supply.

The device is in an industry-standard air cavity package and is ideally suited for IFF, avionics, military and civilian radar, and test instrumentation. The device can support pulsed and linear operations.

Key Features

  • Frequency: DC to 1.7 GHz
  • Output Power (P3dB) 1 : 680 W
  • Linear Gain1 : 23.9 dB
  • Typical PAE3dB1 : 77.4%
  • Operating Voltage: 50 V
  • CW and Pulse capable Note 1: @ 1.3 GHz Load Pull