White Paper

Aperture Tuning: An Essential Technology In 5G Smartphones

Source: Qorvo

By Abhinay Kuchikulla, Senior Marketing Manager, Mobile Products, Qorvo

Antenna aperture tuning is essential to enable smartphones to operate efficiently over the ever-increasing range of RF frequency bands and support the transition to 5G. Smartphones need more antennas to support growing RF requirements such as new 5G bands, MIMO, and carrier aggregation (CA), but there is less space for these antennas due to changes in smartphone industrial design. As a result, antennas are becoming smaller, potentially reducing antenna efficiency and bandwidth. Aperture tuning compensates for this problem by allowing antennas to be tuned to operate efficiently on multiple bands and increasing Tx and Rx performance by 3 dB or more. Download the full white paper for more information on aperture tuning.