Advanced COT PMIC: ACT88420

Source: Qorvo
Qorvo - ACT88420_PDP

The ACT88420 PMIC is an integrated ActiveCiPS power management integrated circuit. It powers a wide range of processors, including solid-state drive applications, video processors, FPGA’s, peripherals, and microcontrollers. 

The ACT88420 features 3-State GPIOs plus I2C communication that allow it to support multiple configurations without the need for PCB changes. The low external component count and high configurability significantly speed customers’ time to market. Examples of configurable options include output voltage as low as 0.5V, startup time, slew rate, system level sequencing, switching frequency, low power modes, operating modes etc.

The ACT88420 includes four DC/DC step down converters with integrated power FETs, two low-dropout regulators (LDOs). Buck1, LDO1, and LDO2 can be configured as a load switch. Buck4 can be configured as a LDO. Each DC/DC regulator requires only three small components for operation. The LDOs only require two small ceramic capacitors. All outputs are highly configurable via the I2C interface.