750 V, 9 mohm SiC FET: UJ4SC075009B7S

Source: Qorvo
Qorvo - D2PAK-7L

The UJ4SC075009B7S is a 750 V, 9 mohm Gen 4 SiC FET based on a unique cascode circuit configuration where a normally-on SiC JFET is co-packaged with a Si MOSFET to make a normally-off SiC FET device.

The device's standard gate-drive characteristics allows use of off-the-shelf gate drivers hence requiring minimal re-design when replacing Si IGBTs, Si superjunction devices or SiC MOSFETs. Available in the D2PAK-7L package, this device exhibits ultra-low gate charge and exceptional reverse recovery characteristics, making it ideal for switching inductive loads and any application requiring standard gate drive.

Key Features

  • On-resistance (RDS(on)): 9 mohm (typ)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 175 °C
  • Excellent reverse recovery: Qrr = 338 nC
  • Low body diode VFSD: 1.1 V
  • Low gate charge: QG = 75 nC
  • Threshold voltage VG(th): 4.5 V (typ) allowing 0 to 15 V drive