2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 6 bandBoost Integrated Front End Module: QPF7250

Source: Qorvo
Qorvo - QPF7250_PDP

The Qorvo QPF7250 is an integrated front end module (iFEM) designed for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) systems which marries the advantages of active components with edgeBoost filter technology.

The compact form factor and integrated matching minimizes layout area in the application and greatly reduces the number of external components.

Performance is focused on optimizing the PA for a 5V supply voltage that conserves power consumption while maintaining the highest linear output power and leading edge throughput across all Wi-Fi channels 1 through 11 without need to reduce transmit power to meet the FCC regulatory limits. Receive path matches the optimal technologies to maximize Rx sensitivity through noise figure performance that is consistent over a wider variety of conditions.

The QPF7250 integrates a 2.4 GHz power amplifier (PA) with DC & RF power detectors, FCC edgeBoost BAW filter, transmit-receive switch (SP2T) and bypassable low noise
amplifier (LNA) into a single device.