Switch Modules

  1. SP12T Antenna Switch Modules for Smartphones and Data Cards

    These SP12T antenna switch modules cover the 0.4-2.7 GHz frequency range. They’re both ideal for applications involving 2G/3G/4G multimode cellular handsets as well as embedded data cards.

  2. Antenna Switch Modules

    Skyworks is proud to introduce a new family of antenna switch modules (ASMs) for dual and triple-mode smart phones, tablets and datacards. These newest devices cover a wide range of applications from low-cost 3G handsets to HSPA+/LTE-enabled datacentric devices such as high-end smart phones, data dongles and tablets - all of which require design flexibility, high performance and cost-effective architectures. Skyworks’ comprehensive RF switch products are based on both gallium arsenide (GaAs) and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technologies and complement its world-class front-end and power amplifier module portfolio, allowing the company to capture additional dollar content per platform.