Featured Downloads

  1. AR Radiated Immunity Systems Catalog

    AR offers a variety of fully integrated test systems for any testing application from DC to 50 GHz. These radiated immunity systems are capable of testing to various standards, including IEC 61000, MIL-STD 461, DO-160, wireless, automotive, HIRF, and HERO.

  2. AR Catalog For RF & EMC Testing

    The AR Catalog for RF and EMC testing features the new low cost Universal “U” series amplifiers with the widest bandwidth in the industry, covering the 10 kHz to 1000 MHz frequency range and up to 25 watts CW. Applications for these amplifiers are almost limitless but include lab use, R&D, EMC testing, antenna testing, and watt meter calibration. Additional catalog highlights include new RF solid state CW Amplifiers, pulsed amplifiers, TWTAs, details on HIRF systems components, and reference to a new product demo video on the 6-18 GHz amplifier series.

  3. Orange Book Of Knowledge: 7th Edition

    The Orange Book Of Knowledge provides a broad overview of anything and everything related to EMC, RF technologies, and the products ideal for these ever-growing industry demands. The 7th edition contains 7 updated application notes, and 7 brand new application notes written by AR Application Engineers.