• The SunAR RF Motion product line includes precision positioners for EMC testing, antenna measurements, and OTA testing; antennas for EMC and wireless testing, distributed antenna systems (DAS); turntables; and reverberation system design and stirrers for EMC, shielding effectiveness and OTA testing.

  • AR offers a variety of fully integrated test systems for any testing application from DC to 50 GHz. These radiated immunity systems are capable of testing to various standards, including IEC 61000, MIL-STD 461, DO-160, wireless, automotive, HIRF, and HERO.

  • The AR Catalog for RF and EMC testing features the new low-cost Universal “U” series amplifiers with the widest bandwidth in the industry, covering the 10 kHz to 1,000 MHz frequency range and up to 25 watts CW. Applications for these amplifiers are almost limitless and include lab use, R&D, EMC testing, antenna testing, and watt meter calibration. Additional catalog highlights include new RF solid- state CW amplifiers, pulsed amplifiers, TWTAs, details on HIRF systems components, and reference to a new product demo video on the 6-18 GHz amplifier series


AR Corporate Video

Since 1969, AR has played a major role in the success of the automotive, medical, military, aerospace and telecom industries. The company’s products are used for a variety of critical applications including RF Test & measurement in a multitude of industries throughout the world. At AR, there’s no substitute for quality. It’s the foundation of our business and the AR value that’s recognized around the globe.

AR products do more, last longer, work harder and make your job easier. And that gives you a fierce competitive edge. Only AR delivers innovative technology, advanced design, quality build & workmanship, mismatch capability, durability & longevity, a limitless support network, less cost watt for watt and the most comprehensive warranty in the business.

Today, we are a worldwide company which includes AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation, AR Modular RF and AR Receiver Systems. We continue to hold ourselves to the same high standards we’ve built our reputation on. You can feel it in the performance of our products.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation provides Total RF Test Solutions, by offering customers RF test instrumentation, RF test systems, EMC test software, and chambers.  More specifically, we manufacturer and distribute:

  • RF & Microwave Solid State Amplifiers ranging from: 1 - 50,000 W, 10 Hz - 50 GHz
  • Antennas to 15,000 W input power, 10 kHz - 50 GHz
  • EMC and Wireless Test Systems
  • Multi-tone test systems
  • Field measuring equipment
  • EMC test software
  • EMC & RF test accessories
  • Positioning equipment
  • Chambers and accessories

You get all this from your one stop EMC shop but most importantly you obtain the uncompromising support and service you deserve.

Most of our products support radiated and conducted immunity testing, including IEC, automotive, aviation and military susceptibility specifications as well as medical test requirements. All “S” series solid state amplifiers (1 to 1200 watts, 0.8 to 18 GHz) produce low levels of spurious signals and are extremely linear, which make them ideal for use as driver amplifiers in testing wireless and communications components and subsystems. Our amplifiers can be used as test instruments covering multiple frequency bands and are suitable for a variety of communication technologies.

AR amplifiers and power-matched accessories are distinct in their ability to accommodate nearly every test level and methodology called out in these specs. We also carry products that support RF testing, antenna and component testing, watt meter calibration and use as a driver in higher power amplifiers.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
160 Schoolhouse Road
Souderton, PA 18964
Phone: 215-723-8181
Contact: Emily Hesley

Located in Bothell, WA, AR Modular RF manufactures and distributes RF amplifier modules and broadband solid state RF amplifier systems that play a critical role in wireless and radio communications, military communications, electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, homeland security and have a variety of medical, scientific and industrial applications.

  • RF amplifier modules: 0.01 to 6000 MHz, 5 to 500 watts
    • Broadband, narrowband and custom designs available
  • Amplifier systems: 0.01 to 6000 MHz, 5 to 3000 watts
  • Military Amplifier Systems and accessories
    • RF Jammer amplifiers and booster amplifier for tactical military radios from 30 to 512 MHz
  • Power Amplifiers For Legacy Communication designs as well as Virtually Every New & Emerging Communications System

AR Modular RF
21222 30th Drive SE, Suite 200
Bothell, WA 98021
Phone: 425-485-9000
Fax: 425-486-9657
Contact: Matt Faletti

The Receiver Systems division has been in the EMI/RFI field for over 40 years and offers a complete line of EMI test receivers from 20 Hz to 40 GHz as well as a shielded enclosure leak detector. These products can be purchased from AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation in Souderton, PA.

Visit to learn more about our full line of products for all three AR Worldwide divisions.