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01.19.23 -- XFdtd Analysis Of A Ku-Band Satellite Antenna Array For Mobile Devices

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Optocouplers For The Hybrid Industry

The use of optocouplers in the hybrid industry has generally lagged behind their appearance in nonhybrid fields. Hybrid optocoupler designers must understand the need for optocoupling in the circuit.

Top UnitedSiC Blog Posts To Help With Your Power Design Challenges

In November 2021, Qorvo acquired UnitedSiC, a leading manufacturer of SiC power semiconductors. This collection of insightful blogs helps you overcome design challenges and unleash the potential of SiC devices.

High Q Capacitors For RF Power

High Q multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are designed and tested to overcome the challenges of developing high-frequency devices that require minimal power loss.

Accurate Test Fixture Characterization And De-Embedding

This application note provides practical hints to accurately characterize and de-embed these lead-in and lead-out structures with R&S Vector Network Analyzers ZNA, ZNB, ZNBT and ZND.

How Can Crest Factor Be Used to Assess Amplifier Linearity?

Crest factor (CF) is the ratio of a signal's peak amplitude to its average power. Analyzing an amplifier's input and output CF values can validate linear operation or determine nonlinearities in the system.

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Video: Marki Microwave Portfolio

Marki Microwave designs and manufactures high-frequency and broadband technology, enabling the most sophisticated electronic systems in the world. Wireless communications, advanced radar, electronic warfare and sensing, highspeed telecommunications, fundamental research in fields ranging from physics and astronomy to biology, these are the applications that push Marki to innovate relentlessly.

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eBook: FPGAs And Software Defined Radio

High-speed RF processing for high-performance computing applications, as with SDR, require resources like FPGAs to deliver flexibility and accuracy. Understanding FPGA options and data acquisition components can help developers optimize these application solutions.

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Multi-Tone RF Radiated Immunity System: MT2IEC10V3M, MT4IEC10V3M

MT2IEC10V3M and MT4IEC10V3M are full turn-key systems in one rack, capable of producing 10 V/m CW (18 V/m AM). Both systems fully comply with IEC 61000-4-3:2020 Edition 4.

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Assembly With 10 RF Switches: 75SA-030

The 75SA-030 is a 10-switch assembly from JFW Industries.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Solid State High Power Amplifier: AMP4065A-1LC

The AMP4065A-1LC Solid State High Power Amplifier is designed for EMI/RFI, lab, CW/Pulse and all EW communication applications and features a small form factor and rack-mounted system.

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Exodus Advanced Communications