News | June 13, 2023

Wireless Telecom Group to Showcase Products that Accelerate the Development of Next-Generation Wireless Systems at IMS 2023

Wireless Telecom Group (NYSE American: WTT), announced today that its test and measurement brands – BoontonHolzworth, and Noisecom – will showcase industry-leading instruments with the performance and capability necessary for accelerating the development of next-generation wireless systems during IMS 2023 at Booth 1619. Product demonstrations will feature specialized capabilities across amplifier characterization, high-performance RF signal generation, and phase noise analysis. As a test and measurement leader, the company will also host a technical session on RF and microwave power sensor technologies.

Boonton will demonstrate fast-switching, low phase noise RF signal generation enabling accurate component characterization and testing of radar and communications systems. The measurement and analysis will be made with Boonton true average RF power sensors operating at the industry-fastest rate of 100,000 measurements per second.

Higher-order modulation schemes, like those used in advanced communication systems, utilize signals with high peak-to-average power ratios that can strain amplifier performance. A demonstration will feature the rapid identification of amplifier compression using crest factor measurements and statistical analysis from Boonton peak power sensors.

Holzworth will demonstrate broadband, low phase noise signal generation and real-time phase noise analysis, supporting the quick evaluation of a local oscillator’s performance and symbol error contributions in 5G and Wi-Fi communications systems.

As noise floors and sources of RF impairment continue to rise, system performance can decline significantly from the lab to the field. A demonstration will showcase how Noisecom programmable noise generators can produce highly controllable additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) used to analyze system behavior when operating in real-world noise conditions, with results analyzed by industry-leading peak power sensors from Boonton.

The IMS MicroApps theater will feature an informative Wireless Telecom Group technical session on Wednesday, June 14 at 9:45 AM Pacific, titled, “I Know I Need to Measure RF Power – Now What?” The seminar will provide practical insight for measuring RF and microwave power, including different sensor technologies and architectures, as well as important sensor considerations to enable modern radar and communications systems.

“With innovations in amplifier testing, signal generation, and phase noise analysis, Wireless Telecom Group continues to push the limits of T&M technology for next-generation systems to reach peak performance,” says Walt Strickler, VP of Engineering and Product Management. “We look forward to showcasing our latest products and test and measurement expertise in four in-booth demonstrations and our IMS MicroApp presentation on RF and microwave power measurement devices at this year’s show.”

Held in San Diego, California, IMS 2023 is a premiere event for leaders in RF and microwave engineering with exhibition show dates from June 13 to June 15, 2023.