News | May 23, 2022

Wireless RF Transceiver IP Cores For IoT Applications Available For Immediate Licensing

T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider & Technology experts, is pleased to announce the availability of Wireless RF Transceiver/ Receiver IP cores that includes Bluetooth, WiFi ax, Sub4 and Sub6 GHz 5G RF, NB-IoT, GNSS, UWB etc. IP cores for integration to your SoC targeted for low power IoT applications.

The Bluetooth RF Transceiver IP Core is silicon proven in 40nm ULP/ 22nm ULL process and fully compliant to the Bluetooth SIG standards: Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) v5.3 & 802.15.4 (ZigBee) implementations. This RF IP Cores is a perfect solution for battery powered audio SoC applications such as TWS Earbuds, Headphones, Hearing Aids, Wearables, Sports, Health, as well as Cellular, Automotive, TV, STB & RCU applications.

The WiFi ax + BLE +15.4 RF Transceiver IP core supporting 2.4GHz frequency with integrated PA in 22nm ULL is available for ultra-low power IoT chipsets. The RF IP cores is fully compliant to WiFi IEEE 802.11 ax standard, IEE 802.15.4 standard & the Bluetooth LE (BLE) v5.3 standard, integrating all functional blocks including PA, transmitter, receiver, Frac-N frequency synthesizer, PMU & Interfaces. The WiFi ax RF IP Cores is optimized for ultra-low power and very small die area for low-cost / low-power IoT applications such as wearables, logistics, smart home, smart lighting, sensors, appliances etc.

The 5G Sub-6GHz RF Transceiver IP cores in 22nm LP process is available for Cellular applications. Fully compliant to 3GPP standards the 5G Sub 6GHz RF Transceiver IP is a 2x2 configuration with integrated frequency synthesizer and Analog-Mixed signal functions, suitable for low power IoT applications. The RF IP cores supports Cellular 3GPP 5G/4G/3G applications and is also ideal for Fixed Wireless Access with high level of programmability. Supports both FDD and TDD mode, in addition.

The LTE NB-IoT / Cat M UE Low power RF Transceiver IP cores silicon proven in 40nm ULP and recently licensed to a Tier-1 semiconductor company is the state-of-the-art IP with full compliance to 3GPP standards. The IP Cores is silicon proven in 40nm ULP and supports NB1 and Cat-M bands. With the RF frequency supported from 400MHz-2.8GHz and channel BW of 0.2-1.4MHz the RF IP cores is perfectly suitable for IoT applications. The integrated frequency synthesizer supports both HD-FDD and TDD mode with integrated PA and optional integrated LDOs.

The GNSS RF Receiver IP cores is a fully integrated RF with Multi-constellation support (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou3, QZSS, NavIC, SBAS, A-GPS). The RF IP cores supports both L1 and L5 bands and is silicon proven in 40nm ULP. The RF IP cores is optimized for low-power and functionality for various applications including Wearables and IoT devices and also for high performance applications including Automotive Navigation and continuous tracking.

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These RF Transceiver IP cores are available for immediate licensing. For further information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request at: contact. T2M’s broad Wireless and Cellular IP cores also includes matching Digital and SW IPs for these RF Transceiver IP cores including, Bluetooth SW Stack and profiles, 5G UE and g-nodeB L1-L2-L3 Stack IPs, NB-IoT Protocol Stack SW + Digital, GNSS Multi-constellation Digital IP with ultra-low power and high performance. The wide portfolio also includes Interface and high speed Analog data convertors.. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request / MailTo (

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