News | June 10, 1999

Wireless Inc. Lands $2.5 Million Microwave Radio Order

Belmont, CA-based Wireless Inc. has received an initial order valued at $2.5 million from Quest Wireless Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Quest Net Corp., for wireless access equipment. Under the agreement, Quest Net, an Internet service provider in 228 cities, will employ Wireless Inc.'s WaveNet IP 2458 router to expand its network from South of Miami up to West Palm Beach, FL.

Released at the Wireless 99 showcase, the WaveNet IP 2458 wireless access routers operates in the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz ISM bands and provides system capacity up to 20 Mb/s per central site. In addition, the router delivers central to remote line-of-site distances of up to 20 miles (32 km).

The WaveNet IP 2458 is designed to support hundreds of remote connections per central site with not only wireless access support at TCP/IP but Voice over IP (VoIP) connections. It is also optimized for applications such as providing Internet access, Intranet connectivity, security monitoring, two-way paging, and network redundancy.

The WaveNet IPs will be deployed off a backbone that Wireless Inc. and Quest Net have jointly built. Both companies will begin deploying the router in a network that spans the entire east coast of Florida.