News | January 23, 2014

u-blox Launches Low-Power Version Of 2G M2M Module For Europe And Asia


SARA-G340 dual-band GSM/GPRS modem includes internet protocols and GNSS interfaces.

Swiss u-blox, a global leader in wireless and positioning modules and integrated circuits, addresses cost-sensitive M2M applications with the SARA-G340, a full-featured dual-band (900/1800 MHz) GSM/GPRS module in a popular compact LGA module form factor.

The SARA-G340 is perfect for industrial M2M applications such as metering, eCall, security, payment terminals, asset tracking and fleet management systems deployed in Europe and Asia.

The new SARA-G340 voice/data module is the ninth variant of the company’s popular SARA modem series consisting of the SARA-G3 GSM/GPRS and SARA-U2 UMTS/HSPA/GSM/GPRS/EDGE module families. The SARA series includes full-featured and cost-optimized versions to cover a wide range of application requirements. Best-in-class power consumption is a primary feature of the SARA-G3 module series, with a standby current of less than 0.9 mA.

SARA-G340 provides mobile connectivity in an ultra-small 16 x 26 mm LGA form factor. All 9 SARA cellular GSM and UMTS modules provide seamless pin compatibility with each other. They also provide easy migration to TOBY LTE modules to support future-proof 4G designs.

All SARA modules are supported by comprehensive support tools and unrivalled u-blox quality, also for automotive use.

The SARA-G340 provides a perfect solution to a wide range of M2M applications requiring GSM/GPRS, voice and/or data, internet suite (embedded TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP and FTP), and in-band modem support for eCall and ERA GLONASS vehicle emergency call applications. Extremely low power consumption makes it perfect for portable or battery and solar-powered Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication applications.

The SARA Land Grid Array (LGA) form factor enables extremely compact designs and supports A-GPS for accelerated positioning used in telematics devices, and u-blox’ unique CellLocate hybrid positioning technology to facilitate advanced location-aware systems requiring indoor positioning.

RIL software for Android and Embedded Windows is available free of charge.

SARA-G340 GSM/GPRS module samples and evaluation kit EVK-G35 are available. For more information, visit Contact u-blox (

SOURCE: u-blox