News | January 24, 2014

Tiny SMD Wireless Modules Contain Complete Bluetooth Low-Energy Protocol Stack


Latest from Mouser is stock availability of Fujitsu’s MBH7BLZ0x Bluetooth wireless modules which contain the complete verified and qualified Bluetooth low-energy protocol stack, offering flexibility and a high level of customization potential.

The modules are Bluetooth V4.0 single-mode compliant and are among the smallest on the market. The surface-mount module with antenna measures just 15.7mm x 9.8mm x 2mm.
The modules feature a built-in MCU, which allows adding upper layer profiles including private profiles and application code.

With additional development tools it is possible to implement specific processing into the module and compose functions without using an additional MCU. The ‘blank’ modules allow OEMs to quickly develop tiny, power-conscious and cost-efficient Bluetooth Smart consumer devices, such as medical monitors, proximity sensors, smart watches and fitness monitors, as well as emerging applications, such as 3D motion sensors and environmental sensors.

SOURCE: Mouser