Newsletter | November 16, 2023

11.16.23 -- The Many Jobs Of A Capacitor In RF And Microwave


The Many Jobs Of A Capacitor In RF And Microwave

With many options for configurations and applications, capacitors support a variety of functions in RF and microwave circuits. Here are some examples of key roles they play in these applications.

Secondary Surveillance Radar – Can It Be Tested More Effectively?

How does secondary surveillance radar (SSR) work? Why is SSR testing essential? What are ideal test instrument capabilities for accurate measurements? Discover the answers to these questions and more.

Power Consumption Analysis With Specialty DC Power Supplies

Optimizing power consumption is critical for IoT devices running on small, non-rechargeable batteries. Learn how accurate characterization and smart design can extend device lifespans.

Easy Methods To Optimize Mobile Antenna Tuning

Creating mobile devices with multiple antennas involves a challenging balancing act. If you consider all the elements a mobile device designer has to contend with, it’s a lot.


DNB’s ‘My5G Portal’ Experience Center Officially Launched With Ericsson As Key Partner

Pasternack Announces Innovative, High-Efficiency SMPS Interconnects

Synaptics Extends Leadership In High-Perf Wi-Fi 6E & Bluetooth 5.3 IoT Device Conn

Fairview Microwave Debuts Innovative SMPS Interconnects

L-com Releases SN And CS Fiber Optic Adapters And Connectors

SWISSto12 Announces Development Of AESAs In Collaboration With Thales

Aira Technologies Demonstrates RANGPT - LLM-Based Utility For RAN Query & Control

Viettel Announces The Successful Research Of A 5G Chip

ThinKom Inks Deal For Regional Jet Antenna Production

MatSing Introduces New 6-Beam Panel Lens Antennas To Deliver 6x Capacity Aug

GigaDevice Launches Brand New Wi-Fi 6 MCU Series - GD32VW553


Market Research Webinar: Group Delay For An Ultra Wide Band Antenna

Remcom's application engineering team developed a method for analyzing group delay for a single-port antenna. Explore how group delay is determined directly from a single-port simulation.


Technical Considerations For Testing 5G Base Station Finals

Dale Hauck, an applications engineer for AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation, discusses technical considerations for testing 5G base station finals for digital pre-distortion (DPD) characterization.


Broadband Linear Gain Block: GRF2010

GRF2010 is a broadband gain block with exceptional gain flatness for small cell, wireless infrastructure and other high performance applications.

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Guerrilla RF

High-Power Broadband Diplexer: CMIDX Series

Corry Micronics' Broadband Diplexer is capable of filtering input power up to 150 WATTS CW. The low and high passbands can be specified by the customer. Temperature range, heat sink requirements, and input power can be customized for each application.

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