News | December 29, 2011

Super Low Latency Millimeter Wave Transport

Source: HXI, LLC

Renaissance/HXI LightSpeed series high capacity Millimeter Wave Radios dominate the industry with super low latency for time critical applications like VOIP and financial transaction commands. The LightSpeed radio link is ideal for financial transactions considering the nanosecond time scales involved. Latencies of less than 40 nanoseconds, combined with full Gigabit Ethernet rates of 1.25 Gbps full duplex, offer a "fast as light" solution with fiber capacities.

Available in multiple configurations in either the unlicensed 60 GHz band or the light licensed 70/80 GHz band, with antenna configurations offering ranges of over 5 km, these radios have convincingly demonstrated their reliability in many demanding deployments worldwide.

Approved by the FCC in the US, Industry Canada and ETSI in the European Union, Renaissance/HXI LightSpeed links can be custom configured for the most demanding commercial and military applications. LightSpeed series 6451/6651 and 7451/7651 radio links are just some of the numerous communication solutions from Renaissance/HXI, a time tested supplier of Millimeter Wave Radios.