News | March 18, 2014

Stollmann Extends Embedded Bluetooth Module Family With Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822-Based Bluetooth Low Energy Module


Nordic Semiconductor design partner Stollmann unveils small form factor, tested and approved module that allows engineers to focus on developing the application code for winning Bluetooth Smart appcessories

Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA recently announces that Stollmann, a Nordic design partner based in Hamburg, Germany, has added a small form factor Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth Smart) module based on Nordic’s nRF51822 multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC) to its Embedded Bluetooth Module family.

Stollmann’s “BlueMod+S” Bluetooth Smart Module is designed to connect ultra low power wireless sensors and peripherals to Bluetooth v4.0/v4.1-equipped (Bluetooth Smart Ready) smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The module measures just 17 by 10 by 2.6mm, consumes less than 0.5µA in "deep-sleep" mode, and has a line-of-sight maximum range of 50m.

BlueMod+S supports the Terminal I/O profile, which––comparable to Serial Port Profile (SPP), a part of Bluetooth basic rate (BR) for transmitting data as a virtual RS 232 serial port-offers a simple point-to-point connection, including flow control over-the-air. The module is controlled by an AT Command interface which uses the command line prompt to send commands.

The unique software architecture of the nRF51822 cleanly separates the RF protocol software (“RF stack”) from the application code. (See “About nRF51822” below.) This separation brings three advantages: First the module is supplied complete with Nordic’s verified and qualified Bluetooth low energy RF stack; second, the clean boundary between application and protocol stack simplifies development, and third, the application code can be developed directly on the nRF51822 chip’s integrated 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 based processor without any risk of corrupting the RF stack.

Stollmann provides an adapter board to connect the module to Nordic’s nRFgo Software Development Kit (SDK) for the nRF51 Series SoCs to ease application code development. Code development is accelerated by removing the need to struggle with integration of application code as part of a vendor-imposed application development framework. The BlueMod+S is shipped with Bluetooth v4.0- and RF-approval.

“The new BlueMod+S is the logical further development of our Bluetooth low energy product range. It combines high quality with an extremely small size and a broad range of functions,” says Florian Herrmann, Director of Wireless Products at Stollmann.

“The Bluetooth low energy protocol stack in the nRF51822-based module from our German partner is shipped as tested and verified so the developer can focus solely on the application code,” explains John Leonard, Nordic Semiconductor’s Tactical Marketing Manager. “This makes it much easier for designers to develop Bluetooth Smart-powered applications for the lucrative and rapidly growing ‘appcessories’ market - an accessory wirelessly paired with an ‘app’ on a smartphone or tablet computer.”

Bluetooth low energy is a hallmark element of Bluetooth v4.0/v4.1 and is a pre-requisite for Bluetooth Smart products. Such products are able to wirelessly interoperate with the latest generation of Bluetooth Smart Ready handsets and tablet computers now being offered by major consumer electronics companies. 

SOURCE: Nordic Semiconductor