Step-Down TFT-LCD DC-DC Converter: AAT2823

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Step-Down TFT-LCD DC-DC Converter: AAT2823

The AAT2823 is part of a family of integrated panel power converters with WLED drivers and VCOM buffers. This converter provides the regulated voltages required by TFTs and LCDs, and is equipped with a triple output DC-DC converter, a LED backlight driver, and a VCOM buffer in a 4 mm x 4 mm TQFN package.

The AAT2823 has two charge pumps that independently regulate a positive output (VGH) and a negative output (VGL). The high efficiency backlight driver provides a constant current output capable of boosting up to 28V, and is an ideal power solution for backlight applications with up to seven white LEDs in a series or up to 39 white LEDs in a parallel series configuration. These converters are also good for use in medical applications involving defibrillators, heart monitors, hearing aids, and other radiation and clinical equipment.

Download the family datasheet for more in-depth features and specifications on the AAT2823, and converters like it.