News | November 21, 2023

Sinclair Technologies Unveils Cutting-Edge Indoor Connectivity With The SI500 DAS Antenna Innovation

Aurora, ON /PRNewswire/ - Sinclair Technologies is thrilled to unveil the new cutting-edge SI500 DAS Antennas series, a space-efficient solution crafted to elevate wireless coverage within buildings. The SI500, featuring a two-port MIMO design, stands out as a seamlessly integrated remedy for enhancing wireless connectivity indoors. Operating across an extensive frequency spectrum from 617 MHz to 8500 MHz, this series caters to in-building communication needs. From supporting 5G networks and legacy systems to accommodating Wi-Fi 6E, upcoming 5G bands, and IoT systems, the SI500 guarantees a continuous and seamless indoor connectivity experience. Harnessing MIMO technology, this antenna boosts data throughput and link reliability for optimal signal quality in dense indoor environments. With the compact and low-profile design, it seamlessly integrates into architectural aesthetics. Easy installation makes it easier for installers and speeds up project implementation.

This antenna achieves outstanding stability with low PIM performance across the bands. By minimizing PIM, it substantially enhances signal quality, data speed, network capacity, and system efficiency.

Some of the features include:

  • Future-proof ultra-wideband indoor omni antenna (617 MHz to 8500 MHz)
  • Low-profile radome minimizes aesthetic impact
  • <-153 dBc Low PIM rating for modern 5G applications
  • Superior VSWR across the bands for top performance
  • Dual port with outstanding isolation for MIMO
  • Public-safety grade design compliant with NFPA safety codes

SI500 DAS Antenna will be available for order in January Q1 2024!

"Sinclair is excited to announce the launch of the SI500 ultra-wideband DAS antenna – a game-changer in wireless connectivity for indoor environments. With its cutting-edge patent-pending design, this antenna series seamlessly enhances wireless coverage across the broadest frequency range in the industry from 617 MHz to 8.5 GHz, while enabling superior VSWR and low-PIM performance, all in an ultra-low-profile form factor. Whether supporting 5G networks, legacy systems, Wi-Fi 6E, upcoming 5G bands, or IoT systems, the future-ready SI500 ensures a continuous and seamless indoor connectivity experience." says Wee Er, Executive General Manager at Sinclair Technologies.

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