Video | February 6, 2023

Simple Matching Network Tutorial Using XFdtd's Schematic Editor

Source: Remcom

XF’s schematic editor provides engineers with a unique option for analyzing matching networks and corporate feed networks.

In this tutorial, we demonstrate XF's workflow for analyzing a simple matching network and applying it to full-wave FDTD results using the schematic editor.

The workflow includes an inverted-L antenna designed for a cellular application at LTE Band 5 operating from 824 MHz to 894 MHz. An FDTD simulation determines the intrinsic impedance of the antenna and then a wideband matching network is applied during post-processing in order to view the matched performance of S11 and system efficiency.

Visit our support site to explore the tutorial and accompanying videos.

  • Review the required steps for simulating the unmatched antenna.
  • See how matching networks are created in the schematic editor and how the FDTD simulation results are included.
  • Learn how the matching network is applied to the FDTD simulation in order to view S11, system efficiency, and other full-wave results.