Coming Soon - R&S SFI100A: Unleash Unprecedented Control

Rohde - signal generator

Introducing the R&S SFI100A - the essential foundation for your sub-THz solution, enabling precision and innovation above expectations.

Each component has been meticulously designed to usher in the era of sub-terahertz innovation, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the realm of 6G research and beyond.

  • Up to 10 GHz RF modulation bandwidth
  • ARB with up to 8 GSample memory
  • Wideband single-ended or differential analog I/Q outputs
  • Perfect IF source for R&S® FE170ST and R&S® FE110ST frontends
  • Full integration with R&S® FE170ST and R&S® FE110ST frontends

The cornerstone of your sub-THz solutions, integrating seamlessly with our frontends and power sensors.

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