News | January 24, 2023

Remcom Introduces Tuning With Slider Bars For Matching Network Design In XFdtd EM Simulation Software

Source: Remcom

Remcom announces matching network tuning in the latest release of XFdtd® 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software, enabling users to easily adjust component values to meet design goals and understand the behavior of a circuit.

The addition of an analysis workbench in XFdtd’s schematic editor further expands the software’s toolset for comprehensive matching network design.  The workbench’s intuitive sliders enable rapid manipulation of inductor and capacitor values to reveal the impact of various combinations in real time.  This immediacy makes additional analysis effortless while resulting in a more thorough understanding of how the circuit will behave.  Intermediate states may be saved without changing the base schematic; final states can then be added to a new operating mode or committed to the schematic permanently.

The tuning functionality in XFdtd's new analysis workbench further expands the software’s toolset for comprehensive matching network design.

In addition to simplifying the process of identifying a favorable match that meets or exceeds performance requirements, the tuning functionality is valuable for analyzing the matching network’s sensitivity to component tolerance.  Use cases include fixed band matching for devices that use a single band as well as tunable matching for devices that must switch between bands.

Jeff Barney, XFdtd product manager, said, “Remcom continues to broaden XFdtd’s capability for matching network design.  The slider bar mechanism is a familiar approach for calibrating values and was developed with maximum usability in mind.  We believe users will enjoy the experience and appreciate the convenience that XFdtd offers.”

For more information on the latest release of XFdtd, please visit Remcom’s website.  XFdtd users without an active Remcom Professional Support contract can upgrade to the latest version by contacting sales.

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