News | January 7, 2019

Quantenna Introduces Qdock, An Innovative Software Framework For Multiple Value-Added Applications

Las Vegas, Nevada (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Quantenna Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: QTNA) today announced Qdock, an extensible software framework enabling easy integration of third-party applications with Quantenna’s Wi-Fi solutions. With the addition of Qdock, Quantenna is fostering a rich ecosystem of partners and developers who leverage Wi-Fi to provide end users with value-added services such as motion sensing, mesh networking, localization, cloud monitoring and smart antennas. Qdock is already utilized by a number of partner applications without the need for tight integration with Wi-Fi driver, shortening partner’s development cycles, and accelerating time-to-market.

“Qdock is a powerful framework that streamlines access to a variety of existing and emerging applications via Wi-Fi. We’re excited to see what the developer community creates next, leveraging Qdock’s unique architecture,” said Dr. Sam Heidari, chairman and CEO, Quantenna.

Qdock’s advanced architecture allows for real-time application enablement to facilitate access to Wi-Fi driver via one singular framework interface. Qdock’s features such as spatial diagnostics, channel and power management, and client steering enable a wide range of applications.

“Wi-Fi already has an entrenched and critical role for network connectivity, in various contexts including homes, public spaces and industrial sites. By opening up the hardware to developers offering additional functions such as motion detection, mesh networking or blockchain capabilities, Wi-Fi’s reach and value can be further extended,” said Dean Bubley, founder and senior analyst, Disruptive Analysis.

“As the pioneer in Wi-Fi motion analytics, we are excited about this strategic partnership with Quantenna. Qdock has already contributed to the deployment of best-in-class motion detection services to the market through a pilot with one of the most admired telcos in the world,” says Pascal Paradis-Théberge, Aerial’s chief operating officer.

“Each generation of Wi-Fi increases the diversity and number of applications that can be built on top. However, the added complexity and technical challenges require a more direct and simplified interface to the chipset to ease the development burden,” said Callum Noon, director, product management & marketing at Airgain, Inc. “Qdock helps simplify development by removing the roadblocks developers are facing and should make integration of high value applications and intelligent antenna systems a breeze.”

“Qdock will make it even easier for operators to adopt our industry-leading Smart Wi-Fi software and in-home management software platform on Quantenna-powered devices,” said Metin Taskin, CTO of AirTies. “We look forward to working with Quantenna to enable service providers to integrate our software on third-party gateways to improve in-home Wi-Fi performance and coverage, proactively fix and monitor Wi-Fi issues, and improve overall customer satisfaction.”

“As a supplier of software tools to manage Quality of Experience, ASSIA is impressed with the capabilities of Quantenna Qdock. This solution gives us access to the information and controls needed for optimizing Wi-Fi and enables delivery of broadband to Wi-Fi devices, which is key for entertainment, voice over IP, home management and business services,” said David Stevenson, chief revenue officer, ASSIA.

"Thanks to Qdock and the excellent quality of Quantenna chipsets, it's been very easy for us to integrate our Home WiFi agent into different CPE models. Now, operators can deliver the best possible experience by optimizing Wi-Fi efficiency and gaining full visibility for customer support and network operation agents," said Miguel Vicario, director of product management, Fontech.

“Qdock enables faster and more efficient integration of OpenSyncTM with Quantenna’s silicon to facilitate rapid deployment of cloud-capable CPE devices,” said Fahri Diner, co-founder and CEO, Plume. “Time to market is critical as ISPs must leverage the home Wi-Fi infrastructure to deploy new, added-value services.”

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