PacketCluster Patrol 4.3

Source: Aether Systems, Inc. - Mobile Government Division
The Defacto Standard for Wireless Mobile Information Software in Public Safety
PacketCluster Patrol is the flagship product in Cerulean Technology's suite of public safety applications. Over 40,000 users in 650 law enforcement agencies use PacketCluster Patrol's open, standards-based wireless information software. PacketCluster Patrol gives officers direct access to motor vehicle and warrant information within seconds, reducing risk in potentially dangerous situations. PacketCluster Patrol also improves officer and public safety by enabling real-time silent communication between headquarters and mobile units for quick back up.

Cerulean has maintained its product leadership position by building advanced wireless capabilities into the PacketCluster product line:

  • Real-time wireless data collection
  • Mobile device independence
  • Wireless infrastructure independence
  • Standards-based connectivity
  • Efficient bandwidth management
  • Simplified mobile user interface

PacketCluster Patrol 4.3 – Broader Integration, Easier to Use

Packed with new features and enhanced functionality, PacketCluster Patrol 4.3 offers law enforcement agencies a more powerful, easier-to-use wireless mobile information system that delivers measurable results. With years of experience in the field, Cerulean has built safety and productivity functionality into PacketCluster Patrol 4.3 that makes a difference for officers on the front line.


PacketCluster Patrol 4.3 includes a new mobile API (application program interface) that supports integrated mapping software. Key features include:

  • Full TAIP message transfer
  • Support for pass-through data (i.e., information not native to PacketCluster Patrol)
  • Image and mapping displays

GPS Enhancements
Enhanced communications capabilities within PacketCluster Patrol 4.3 accommodate "dual-port" devices through which a data modem and GPS device communicate with a host computer via a single, shared serial port. This new feature provides a single interface for GPS data, irrespective of whether the GPS device is on a dedicated or shared port.
Magnetic-Stripe and Bar-Code Readers
PacketCluster Patrol 4.30 enables entry of information (e.g., NCIC queries) from magnetic-stripe and bar-code readers using a device- and application-independent interface. For example, when a user swipes a card through a reader attached to a mobile laptop, PacketCluster Patrol 4.30 detects the event, reads the resulting text, and displays a dialog box to ask the user if a query should be initiated.

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