Non-Blocking RF Matrix Switch: RFMS8X8-1-18GNB


The RFMS8X8-1-18GNB is an 8 input and 8 output non-blocking RF matrix switch that allows any of the 8 inputs to be routed to any or all the 8 outputs.  The unit operates over the frequency range of 1 GHz to 18 GHz and has signal gain, frequency compensation and controlled path lengths.  These features provide minimal signal loss, minimal frequency response variations and matched time delay between paths. 

The RFMS8X8-1-18GNB unit can be controlled remotely via a web browser or SSH client and locally through an optional LCD with touchscreen.  For high reliability, optionally available is redundant powering which incorporates a back-up DC power supply and AC power port that will automatically be switched to should the primary power source fail.

For additional information on the RFMS8X8-1-18GNB RF matrix switch, download the available datasheet.

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