News | November 22, 2023

Next-Generation Wi-Fi With Friendly Advanced Connectivity Solutions

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - In today's hyper-connected era, Wi-Fi is more than just a utility; it's the backbone of our digital lives. Understanding this, Friendly Technologies proudly unveils the latest enhancements to its Friendly Unified Device Management Platform, integrating cutting edge Wi-Fi solutions that promise a richer and more dynamic wireless experience. At the vanguard of connectivity, Friendly Technologies' updates are set to redefine how users engage with Wi-Fi technology.

Leading with the Power of Wi-Fi 6:

Defining Modern Connectivity: The inclusion of the Wi-Fi 6GHz Tab allows users and network administrators to harness the advantages of the Wi-Fi 6E standard. This innovation promises drastically improved bandwidth, reduced latency, and a level of performance that transforms the user's online activities, from video streaming to online gaming and beyond.

Enhanced Range and Reliability: The 6 GHz frequency band opens up more airwaves, mitigating congestion, especially in densely populated areas. Whether it's for a large enterprise or a smart home setup, this means more devices can connect simultaneously without compromising on speed or reliability.

In-Depth User Experience Analysis: Beyond connectivity, Friendly Technologies introduces an intuitive User Experience Analysis feature. This tool provides service providers with granular insights into network performance and user behavior, enabling proactive enhancements and personalized service adjustments. With this data-centric approach, we empower providers to elevate service quality and end-user satisfaction.

Future-Proofing Networks: With devices and applications becoming more bandwidth-intensive, the addition of Wi-Fi 6E support ensures that Friendly Technologies' users are primed for the next wave of digital evolution, ensuring they're always a step ahead.

Ensuring backward compatibility, this update integrates seamlessly across the spectrum of Friendly platforms, underscoring our commitment to enhancing user experience, addressing any operational nuances, and boosting overall system performance. More information about the update is available through company representatives or by scheduling a demo at:

About Friendly:
Friendly Technologies – the IoT and Device Management company – has been providing innovative solutions to service providers and IoT vendors since 1997. As a member of the Broadband Forum, Open Mobile Alliance, and the Fixed Wireless Access Forum, the company remains at the forefront of technological innovation. With customers and partners in dozens of countries countries, as well as offices across six continents, Friendly Technologies is committed to delivering world-class device management solutions to help service providers manage and control their devices and offer a wide range of value-added services to end-users.

Source: Friendly Technologies Ltd.

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