Newsletter | December 15, 2022

12.15.22 -- New-Generation Antenna Developed At CityU Promotes 6G Wireless Communications

Fundamentals Of An RF Design

This white paper covers the fundamentals of designing an RF communication system, including coverage on the transmission medium, wave propagation, free space path loss, transmit and receive portion, link design and other key components. The article will also discuss the required test equipment and considerations during the design, development and verification processes.

Providing Narrowband IoT Coverage With LEO Satellites

This article describes the modeling of a SATCOM link, specifically citing a use case wherein a satellite overlay extends service continuity to IoT devices in a poorly covered rural area.

When You Ask "Where?," Ultra-Wideband Answers

Ultra-Wideband Technology — UWB — is a maturing RF technology that enables the centimeter-scale location of things using a tiny electronic chip that integrates very reliable two-way communications.

USB Powered 5.8 GHz RF LNA Receiver with Output Power Protection

The 5.8 GHz band is preferred for short range digital communication applications because of the number of channels and the bandwidth available. This design provides high gain, robust overpower monitoring, and protection all in a small footprint.

Understanding The Differences Between Pacemakers And ICDs

While both pacemakers and ICDs are implantable medical devices designed to improve the quality of life for people with heart arrhythmia, each device serves a different purpose.

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