NetSync™ Network Synchronizer Clock For 5G/SyncE/IEEE 1588 applications: Si5403B

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
NetSync™ Network Synchronizer Clock For 5G/SyncE/IEEE 1588 applications

The Si5403B NetSync Network Synchronizer Clock utilizes DSPLL technology and is capable of meeting the requirements of SyncE-compliant wander filtering and software adjustment of output frequency and phase for IEEE 1588 applications.

Si5403B offers ultra-low jitter output clocks eliminating the need for a follow-on jitter attenuator device. It’s combination of unique architecture and features helps enable lower overall system cost, PCB footprint and power consumption - all required for use in today’s high-performance networks.

The Si5403B provides any-frequency clock generation and jitter attenuation for applications requiring the highest level of jitter performance. The device has enhanced hitless switching to minimize output phase transients when switching between two different inputs at the same frequency. No external loop filter components are required and the DSPLL bandwidth is digitally programmable to values as low as 0.001 Hz. With phase jitter as low as 51 fs RMS, the Si5403B accepts 4/6 inputs clock ranging from 0.008 - 650 MHz differential and PPS/PP2S, 8kHZ to 250MHz for CMOS. Si5403B generates up to 18 clock outputs, each with output delay/skew adjust, ranging in frequency from PPS/PP2S up to 1288 MHz. For additional product specifications and information, click here.