News | February 17, 1998

Mentor Provides RF Design Tools

Agilent Technologiesor Graphics' new RF Architect and RF Layout design tools address RF design entry and layout in printed circuit boards (PCBs) and multi-chip modules (MCMs).

These tools provide a bi-directional interface with <%=company%>RF solutions. This interface offers a seamless path for RF designs from schematic entry to release of a manufacturable electronic system.

The RF Architect option provides comparatively easy-to-use palettes of RF distributed element symbol. These symbols are based on HP EEsof's library of elements. A dialog box facilitates adding or modifying the physical design parameters associated with each symbol.

The RF Layout option contains automatic shape generators for RF distributed elements, parameterized RF element editing tools, and an automatic schematic generator to support the mixed technology design process. The shape generators automatically create the interconnect metalization shapes needed for implementing RF circuit elements on a PCB or MCM. A parameterized approach to modifying these shapes ensures easy simulation of designs using the HP EEsof tools.

The tools will run on UNIX and Windows NT operating systems. Both are scheduled to ship in the second quarter of 1998. Pricing begins at $5,700 for RF Architect and $28,200 for RF Layout.