Company Profile | April 5, 2000

LGC Wireless

Source: LGC Wireless
LGC Wireless

MetroReach™ Focus: Making the Most of the Spectrum

LGC Wireless is a leading supplier of broadband wireless networking solutions. LGC Wireless globally markets products and services that expand the reach of wireless. Included in this product portfolio are the LGCell™ and MetroReach™ Focus. The LGCell improves capacity, clarity, coverage and consistency for wireless users inside any public or private facility. MetroReach Focus is an innovative solution that optimizes the use of the wireless spectrum and network resources in highly congested traffic areas, such as urban centers.

LGC Wireless' solutions work with all PCS/cellular carriers, protocols and frequencies -- in every country of the world. Its products integrate seamlessly with current network implementations and emerging 3G technology. LGC Wireless' products use industry-standard building cabling, which reduces installation time and costs. LGC provides flexible systems that support both single and multi-operator solutions.