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InterDigital Announces Participation In New 5G-CLARITY Project For Future Private Networks

InterDigital joins European industrial and academic partners to develop Beyond 5G multi-access private networks

Wilmington, DE (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - InterDigital Inc. (NASDAQ:IDCC), a mobile and video technology research and development company, today announced that its subsidiary, InterDigital Europe, Ltd., will participate in the 5G-CLARITY project, a joint effort with a consortium of partners in Europe to develop automated solutions powered by artificial intelligence for beyond 5G private networks. The project integrates multiple wireless access technologies and their evolutions from 3GPP 5G New Radio, IEEE 802.11 WiFi, and IEEE 802.11 LiFi.

The 5G-CLARITY project is comprised of 12 partners, including InterDigital Europe, Ericsson LMI, Telefonica, IHP (Leibniz-Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik), Accelleran, Bosch, i2CAT (Fundació Privada Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya), pureLifi, University of Edinburgh, University of Bristol, University of Granada, and Gigasys Solutions. The 30-month project, which began November 1, 2019, has received a total of €5.75M in funding from the European Commission.

InterDigital Europe holds a leadership role in the project as leader of the Standardization and Dissemination Working Group, overseeing the dissemination of the project into key standardization development organizations and industry forums, including 3GPP, IEEE 802.11, ETSI, ITU-T, O-RAN, and 5GACIA. This role underscores the importance of InterDigital’s focus on wireless innovation and its fusion with artificial intelligence, as well as InterDigital’s commitment to deliver technologies that benefit the entire wireless industry for public and non-public networks based on 3GPP and IEEE 802.11 standards.

“InterDigital Europe is honored to be a part of this pioneering project that will lay the foundations for smart multi-access private networks in the 5G and beyond era,” said Alain Mourad, Director Engineering R&D at InterDigital Europe.

The solutions targeted by the 5G-CLARITY project are focused on three main innovation pillars: 1) evolutions of current 3GPP 5G NR towards enhancements of non-public networks in future 3GPP releases; 2) seamless integration of 5G NR and its evolution with the IEEE 802.11 technologies, including WiFi and LiFi; and 3) incorporation of artificial intelligence techniques for self-organization and autonomic management of the multi-access private network.

These innovations target significant performance improvements, including downlink user experienced data rates above 1 Gbps, air interface latency below 1ms for uplink and downlink, reliability above six 9s, positioning accuracy below 1cm at peak, and synchronization to nano-seconds level.

The solutions will be demonstrated and trialed in two private network testbeds, including a smart factory environment by Bosch near Barcelona, Spain and a museum environment by 5GUK in Bristol, United Kingdom.

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