Newsletter | May 10, 2023

05.10.23 -- High Performance Filters For Aerospace And Defense Applications

The Nuances Of Space-Level Filter Qualification And Screening Of Filters

High-quality, reliable electronic components are a necessity for space applications. After all, when launching mission-critical equipment and people into space, there is absolutely no room for failure. 

Achieve The Best Performance For Your Thin Film RF Devices

The use of thin film, a layer of material used to fabricate electronic components beginning at fractions of a nanometer, for SMT microstrip filters can dramatically reduce their size and increase performance.

Build-To-Print Basics: Military And Space Grade Applications

At Knowles Precision Devices, we provide dependable electronic components for military and space purposes, crucial for safeguarding citizens and expensive equipment. 

Fully Digital Beamforming For Emerging Military Applications

Fully digital beamforming can greatly benefit emerging military applications, especially in electronic warfare, as it provides advantages over large-scale active electronically scanned arrays (AESAs) at higher operational frequencies. 

Video: Solutions For Space Exploration

Our ceramic expertise has parlayed itself into an impressive range of RF and microwave components that support applications from VHF to Ka band. 

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Lumped Element Filters, Resonators, And Ceramic Filters To Fit Your Needs

Launching mission-critical equipment into space is a high-stakes endeavor requiring infallibility. Knowles Precision Devices has been launching components into space with precision and expertise for more than four decades.   

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