News | February 7, 2013

First Look At Sena's Bluetooth Headset/ Intercom For Motorcycle Half Helmets Keeping Riders Tuned Into Favorite FM Stations


Sena Technologies’ Half Helmet and FM Tuner Headset Aims to Keep Riders Safe & Connected

Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor activities market, recently announced the release of its brand new SPH10H model, the SPH10H-FM. The all new model offers a built-in FM stereo tuner allowing riders to stay tuned into their favorite FM radio stations. The SPH10H-FM features the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology allowing riders to stay connected wirelessly. With the SPH10H-FM riders can call hands free on a mobile phone, listen to stereo music or audio instruction of GPS navigation. Riders can also effortlessly hold conversations with other motorcyclists or passengers via the SPH10H-FM's four-way Bluetooth intercom system. The unique ear flap design of the SPH10H-FM allows for quick and easy installation on half helmets and is water resistant for use in inclement weather. The SPH10H-FM is now available at Sena Technologies’ website ( or through its many retailers across North America for the price of $239.

“With the recent release of the SMH5-FM for full faced helmets, we thought it was important to offer the same new Bluetooth unit features to our customers using half helmets,” said Tae Kim, President and CEO of Sena Technologies, Inc. “We are very pleased with the functionality and popularity of the original Sena SPH10H with half helmet users and the SPH10H-FM will enhance the original unit with more features and affordable pricing. We are confident our customers will enjoy being able to listen to their favorite FM stations while riding.” 

The Sena SPH10H-FM offers features that enhance its predecessor, the SPH10H. The SPH10H-FM uses the Bluetooth 3.0 to provide Bluetooth conference intercom up to 760 yards (700 meters), voice prompts, Bluetooth stereo headset with music playback control, and a built-in FM radio tuner with channel scan/store function. The SPH10H-FM also allows for hands free calling for mobile phones, Bluetooth or stereo headset for GPS navigation, free firmware upgrades, and a complimentary two-year warranty.

The SPH10H-FM’s durable, sweat and water resistant design provides a stable and secure fit so motorcycle riders do not have to worry about the unit or its microphone slipping. The SPH10H-FM features a unique ear pad design for easy installation and is also compatible with “shorty” helmets. The unit also offers a versatile jog dial for easy headset control and individual volume control for each audio source. The unit’s battery allows for up to seven hours talk time, eight days stand-by-time, and charging on-the-go.

Every customer who purchases the SPH10H-FM, or any of Sena’s line of Bluetooth headset/intercom units and accessories, automatically receives access to Sena’s customer support in case they have questions about installation, set up or use. Most new Sena users find installing and using their new headset/intercom products to be a simple process that only takes about 15 minutes. Whenever they become available, free upgrades to firmware are also offered to all registered Sena customers. They also receive peace of mind with the SPH10H-FM and the company’s line of other products thanks to their two-year warranty.

Each SPH10H-FM comes standard with a headset main unit, snap fit ear pad for easy installation, a USB and data cable, and a cigarette charger. 

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Source: Sena Technologies, Inc.